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Rebecca's Wedding

While Rebecca honours and respects tradition, her own wedding was far from traditional. To cut a long story short, she and her partner of (now) 13 years, eloped under a big New Mexico sky presided over by a gentle and insightful Native American shaman/celebrant. Rebecca wore a vintage 50s frock, her hubby in cowboy boots, their 22 month old daughter tossed hand picked rose petals. Their witnesses were two dear friends who offered their adobe home as a stunning and sacred location. They were married as an electrical storm lit up the desert horizon and Willie Nelson crooned, ‘I will love you all over the world’. It was perfect.

Rebecca’s diverse life experience presents a rich tool-box that brings a certain uniqueness to your ceremony.

  • The artist in her will co-create your ceremony with you.
  • The educator in her will guide you, be super prepared and organized and is in her element speaking in front of large groups.
  • The facilitator in her will consciously hold your ceremony as a sacred union, bringing presence and grace to your special day.
  • The traveller in her will adapt easily to changes, be flexible and relate to people from all walks of life.
  • The mother in her will nurture your ceremony with unconditional love.
  • The yogi in her will calm your nerves 

Rebecca is a member of Celebrants Association of Australia Inc.