Hand-Parting Ceremony

A Hand-Parting Ceremony is a rite of passage for those transitioning through a divorce or separation. No matter what the circumstances of your divorce or separation, it is an opportunity to create some closure, to intentionally acknowledge the completion of a relationship and to publicly say good-bye to your relationship as it was. Hand-Parting Ceremonies are of particular value when children are involved.

Hand-Parting Ceremonies can be witnessed by loved ones, children or just involve the couple. If your partner is not amenable to a mutual ceremony, then a personal ceremony can be a healing process for the individual too. Marking this ceremony with a ritual can help to ground this process of transformation. The intention of a hand-parting ceremony is that you move forward into this new phase of your life with an open heart and a willingness to grow.  There are no rules when it comes to letting go, however here are some elements to consider that can often help couples grapple with the challenges and changes they are facing more effectively.

  •  Acknowledgment: An opportunity to acknowledge what you have shared together
  • Forgiveness: An opportunity to forgive and ask for forgiveness
  • Gratitude: An opportunity to express all that you are grateful for from your relationship including lessons learned, children, experiences etc.
  • Moving Forward: What do you want your relationship to look like moving forward? This could range from a  simple blessing or ritual as you part ways to how you would like to co-parent your children.

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