Same-Sex Commitment Ceremony

I completely support the legal marriage of any loving, committed couples irrespective of gender, however at this stage same-sex marriage is not legally recognised in Australia. Change is on the horizon though and until that time comes, I am able to offer gay couples a same-sex commitment ceremony. A same-sex commitment ceremony has all the elements of a wedding ceremony in that you publicly declare your love and commitment to one another, however there is no legal wording and it is not legally binding.

Under the Relationships Act 2008, Victorians can now register their same-sex relationship. You can find out more information from state and territory registries of births, deaths and marriages.

Sample Order of Ceremonies

HOUSEKEEPING - An opportunity to 'set the tone' for the ceremony. To announce any housekeeping and ensure everyone is in their seats before the ceremony begins.

INTRODUCTION - Here I introduce myself and the couple.  Family and friends are warmly welcomed and often a poignant or amusing anecdote is shared about the couple and what commitment means.

READINGS - The sky is the limit here. It doesn't necessarily have to be a reading. Whatever it is, it can be expressed through voice, instrument, body or movement. Make it meaningful for you.

VOWS - Here you publicly express your love and commitment to one another.  By crafting your own vows, in essence you are creating the  operating instructions for your relationship. These vows will be your promises to one another along with an opportunity to publicly express your feelings towards each other. It makes sense that they are meaningful to you and reflects your unique relationship.

SYMBOLIC RITUALS - There are many creative unity rituals that may just involve the couple or include all of the guests in a wholehearted celebration.

RING CEREMONY - If you choose to exchange rings, this is your moment. It is also a moment to reflect on the symbolism of the rings and what they represent for you.

THE DECLARATION OF COMMITMENT - I have the honour here of announcing you both as united/joined/committed for life or whatever resonates.

SIGNING OF YOUR COMMEMORATIVE CERTIFICATE  You will sign your  Certificate of Commitment at the ceremony to have as a keepsake of your day.

BLESSING - This is one of my favourite parts. Here we all gush over the joy of the occasion and complete the ceremony but not the celebrations with an auspicious blessing as you embark on your new journey together.